Sunday, January 25, 2009

What's new in VMware version 6

• Support for windows vista- use vista as host OS
• Multiple monitor display- you can configure a VM to span multiple monitors, or multiple VMs to each display on separate monitors
• Support for USB 2.0 devices- You can now use peripheral that require high-speed performance in your VMs, such as MP3 players and fast storage devices
• VM Record/Replay-use this feature to record VM activities and be guaranteed to reproduce the exact VM state 100% of time.
• Integrated Virtual Debugger- workstation integrates with visual studio and Eclipse so you can deploy , run, and debug programs in a VM directly from your preferred IDE
• Automation APIs (VIX API 1.1)- you can write scripts and program to automate VM testing
• ACE authoring capabilities-Securely package and deploy desktop virtual machines with encryption, network access and device control, and much more. With Pocket ACE feature, deploy to a portable media device so you can take your PC with you, without the PC.

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