Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One Docker Way

Docker way

Tools Needed:
Packer: Building the images :
Docker: Managing Containder :
Salt: Managing the automated configuration :
Packer create identical machine images from a single source configuration. It is easy to maintain.Use packer to build Docker images.
  • Is like git for filesystems (Docker pull/push/commit)
  • Is like Vagrant for LXC containers (docker run / Vagrant up,docker kill / vagrant halt, docker rm/vagrant destroy, Docker file / Vagrantfile)
  • It has its own proces space
  • It has its own network interface
  • Containers are isolated, but share OS , bin/libraries
  • Containers are process and not VMs, thats why they are so fast
  • faster restart
  • less overhead
  • Copy on write allow to save only deltas