Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thin Clients Vs Desktops

It is cheaper than conventional PC by 20-30%.
Works on just 40W power and is really sleek to occupy very less desktop space

- No Hard Disk or any other media required.
- Low Hardware configuration requirement
- No UPS required on nodes.
- Never require an upgrade on the nodes.
- Reduced Power consumption on Nodes

- No Disk Crashes.
- No Virus Problems to be fought on each desktop.
- Practically Zero Down times.
- Easy Software Maintenance.
- Low Maintenance as no moving parts left

- Easy and better Administration.
- Centralized Data Control and accumulation.
- Software licensing and control.
- User Rights, policy deployment as per the Domain Controller setting up
- User can switch machines without any problem.
- Setting up a new user is a breeze. Less than 10 minutes of installation time.
- Can support local printer, CD Drives and USB devices (No sound and webcam).

- You can use thin client to expand as you grow. No limit on no of machines which can be configured in Thin Client.
- Can make Server Clusters to expand into multiple server solution.

- All machines work at the performance of the Server.
- Low Network traffic.
- Applications like Tally work better than even the normal client-server.

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