Friday, July 6, 2012

mysql question

>how much the expected data base size would be
>what/what kind of application is going to deploy
> connection type b/n application & data base (is application using connection pool etc etc)
>Security of data base (users in database eg. root pwd secure in database & connect only thru localhost)
>What mysql table engine preferred (myISAM or Innodb ) ==> how is our applicaiton (e.g if more insert and select then go with myISAM
and if more update and select then go with innodb
and if more insert + delete + select then go with innodb
and if one time bulk insert + one time delete + select then myisam
>reason               myisam -- lock table level
innodb -- locks table in row level
If databases have majority of innodb table then
setup server with following parameter
innodb_buffer_size s/b 65-75 % of available RAM and so on
>Before that I need to know the config of the system

                - RAM
                - What processor
                - What media (SATA or SAS or SSD)

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