Friday, June 15, 2012

Monitor per core CPU utilization in Linux (CentOS/RHEL)

1. Run Top  and press numeric 1 to get core wise CUP utilization

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 Z,B       Global: 'Z' change color mappings; 'B' disable/enable bold
  l,t,m     Toggle Summaries: 'l' load avg; 't' task/cpu stats; 'm' mem info
  1,I       Toggle SMP view: '1' single/separate states; 'I' Irix/Solaris mode

  f,o     . Fields/Columns: 'f' add or remove; 'o' change display order
  F or O  . Select sort field
  <,>     . Move sort field: '<' next col left; '>' next col right
  R,H     . Toggle: 'R' normal/reverse sort; 'H' show threads
  c,i,S   . Toggle: 'c' cmd name/line; 'i' idle tasks; 'S' cumulative time
  x,y     . Toggle highlights: 'x' sort field; 'y' running tasks
  z,b     . Toggle: 'z' color/mono; 'b' bold/reverse (only if 'x' or 'y')
  u       . Show specific user only
  n or #  . Set maximum tasks displayed

  k,r       Manipulate tasks: 'k' kill; 'r' renice
  d or s    Set update interval
  W         Write configuration file
  q         Quit

2. Use Sar

#Sar -A



  1. hi,
    is there any similar command to check the performance/utilization of gpu.....
    if so please elaborate...

    thanks in advance...

  2. To view cpu info, you can use
    # cat /proc/cpuinfo

    Or the short version and easy to understand:
    # lscpu

    To view your memory/ram info, you can use
    # cat /proc/meminfo