Saturday, April 14, 2012

Install VMware tools by command line + CentOS 6.2

  1. In Sphere Client: Right click on the VM > Guest > Install/update VMware Tools
  2. On the VM console in command line, (without GUI installed):
  3. mkdir /cdrom, or anyother mount point you like
  4. mount the vitural cdrom from step 1; mount /dev/cdrom /cdrom
  5. cd /tmp
  6. tar -xvf /cdrom/VMwareTools (tab to auto-complete)
  7. cd vmware (tab to auto-complete)
  8. ./; accept defaults, you might have to install peral as well
  9. umount /cdrom
  10. In Vsphere Client: Guest > Install/upVMware Tools > OK
  11. To confirm the install; in the client > VM Summary tab and look for OK next to VMWare Tools
  12. Restart VM


  1. Thanks a bunch, it worked like a charm. I bookmarked it for future use!


  2. thanks- worked perfectly. I did have to install PERL first.

  3. Make sure to install gcc, gcc-c++, kernel-headers and kernel-devel.

  4. Brilliant just what i needed, thank you.

  5. Thanks for the article, worked great for me :)

  6. thanks so much :)