Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Steps towards Green IT

1) What are the Green initiatives that have been taken within your company?

- We shut down the desktop after office hours and during weekends, direct result is 60% reduction in electricity bill.

- Optimizing windows start up time

- We are using thin client technology for desktops machine which are critical, they are more energy efficient and also easy to mange.

- AC shut down after 8 PM and during weekends.

- Use of Virtualization technology, we consolidated the servers, any new application/machine deployment is a contender of virtualization, all the legacy machines/application also replaced with virtualization technology, It direct results in lower power consumption.

- We are using SaaS (Software as a Service) model for payroll and HR dept.

- We have migrated our solution to SaaS (Kind of hosting model).

- Migrated the application from SUN servers to Intel based architecture.

- Energy efficient CFL lighting in the office

- Use of TFT/LCD screen instead of old CRT monitors, TFT/LCD are more energy efficient

2) What are the benefits that have resulted from such green initiatives?

- Cost Saving , better ROI , it is major motivating factor

- Reduced carbon foot print , Greener Planet

- Less Hardware (using virtualization and consolidation of servers )

3) What is the road-map for furthering the green agenda, i.e., what other green initiatives is your company intending to take?

- For new IT equipment we are in process for contract with the Hardware vendor for hardware replacement and refresh after its life cycle(in our case it is Dell)

- Every new application should be deployed using Virtualization technology.

- Relocating our office servers to data center colo. It will save cost for us and bigger data centers can afford Green IT Data center. Many times is not feasible for a smaller company to afford green data center (design, build and its operation) in house.

- Dell servers with Intel high-efficiency power supplies, fans and processors to reduce our total watts per server.

- We partner with a company that refurbishes and resells our old server hardware that we can't reuse internally.

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