Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Few Things to take care when an employee leaves

When can employee left the organization there are few things that is advised to take care.

1. Access control
It include to access to Email/Data/Office/Remote Access.
Close his/her email account and access to all third party accounts.
Take back the keys which control his/her physical access to organization.
2. Documentation/Knowledge Transfer
Documentation of employee work and projects. Take its backup at secure place.
3. Organization Assets
It includes Laptop/Desktop/Cell phone/Blackberry/Head Phones/Web Cam/key badage/Security Keys/Parking Stickers
Make a checklist of these things and recover them before employee left the organization. This work can be done by IT/HR department.
4. Exit Interview
It is a best idea to ask an employee to fill an exit form which include his view/suggestion about the organization e.g if he has some complains about the company, or want improvement in some process or have suggestion to implement some policy.

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